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List Of Major Stock Exchanges In Europe

Europe is a hub for many renowned businesses. To expand their investment portfolio, people usually turn to the European markets to make more profit. A trader can choose from many stock exchanges to access the European market. However, some major ones are highly prominent in the continent. These stock exchanges are as follows:

Euronext N.V.

Euronext N.V., an abbreviation for European New Exchange Technology, is a stock exchange that provides traders with various trading and post-trading services. Its principal place of business is in Euronext Amsterdam, while its corporate headquarters are in Paris.

Euronext N.V.

The stock market, which was created in 1285, allows you to trade shares, ETFs, bonds, index funds, foreign exchange, and various other assets. The stock exchange had about 2000 listed businesses with a market value of €6.9 trillion as of December 2021. Euronext is also known as the world’s largest centre for financing and fund offerings, including small and medium-sized businesses.

London Stock Exchange Group

The London Stock Exchange Group was established in Sweeting’s Alley in London in 1801 and is headquartered in Paternoster Square in London and is known to be the largest stock exchange on the continent. With 48 per cent of the FTSEurofirst 100, the London Stock Exchange Group is considered Europe’s most prominent stocks firm.


It has the most dynamic trade volume in terms of revenue transacted, including the most extensive London Stock Exchange. The primary service it offers traders is access to the financial market infrastructure; a large stock exchange market provides comprehensive data and analytics and clearing services.

Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Börse Group, or Deutsche Börse AG is a German stock exchange that was formed in 1993 in Frankfurt am Main. This German corporation provides a platform for trading shares and other securities. This stock exchange makes it simple if you need access to the worldwide market to diversify your portfolio.

Its offices are located in several nations throughout the world, including the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It has a market capitalization of €1.4 trillion and more than 700 companies listed on the exchange. The company actively participates in charitable activities and has been named a United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchange project member.

SIX Swiss Exchange

The Six Swiss Exchange is one of the most essential and well-known stock exchanges. The corporation is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and is known as the country’s primary stock market. The company is owned by the SIX Group, governed by publicly listed sector financial institutions, as the name implies.

It is also known as the Swiss exchange in the rest of the world, with being the first stock exchange in the world to implement an entirely automated trading payment system. The company comprises 20 of the largest and most valuable companies, as well as over 200 other enterprises that satisfy the needs of investors. The market capitalization is 1.6 trillion Swiss francs, which keeps it on top regarding valuation.

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